Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer blue stripes journal

Fun to make and some of my favorite summery blues. There was a blue sky today after a week of rain and gray, so I am hopeful that the leaves on the trees will be returning soon!! Fabric covered recycled hard back book covers. I used a cool map/hot air balloon fabric for the end pages. Six signatures of paper are carefully hand sewn inside. The first page of every signature is a baby blue color, the rest of the pages are white. I used an off-white linen waxed thread to sew the pages in, black eyelets were used also. This is so reminding me of summer and that breezy, oceanic smell. A journal to take on a trip to the beach!


mary_benson said...

What great fabric choices! I like how you add eyelets--it is a really nice finishing touch. This gives me spring fever. . .we have leaden skies yet again!

I like felt said...

Yeah, it's Alexander Henry fabric...I love it. And thanks for the kind words. You always make my day!