Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bunny in space mini notebook

I finished this last night. It's a design I made once before but really liked. Patch made of felt and attached to stiffened felt. Hand stitched by me with embroidery floss. The end pages are a dark blue "starry" cotton fabric. Super cute!


mary said...

Now that is just too much! I think I have to have it for my niece if it is still on Etsy. Very funny. Makes me laugh.

By the way--did I tell you I have become addicted to that Tajin spice you introduced me to? My gosh, I do not know how I have lived without it for 51 years!

I like felt said...

Yeah, I loved this design so much I had to re-make it! I hope your niece will like it as much as I do!! Thanks again...You are my biggest fan and best customer! :)
I understand about the Tajin...way addictive!