Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Polar Bear Journal

I got this beautiful fabric on a trip to Hailey, Idaho a few weeks ago. Jeremy and I left the kids with his sister and took off for an overnighter. His band played a show at the Sun Valley Brewery while we were there, too. So this journal really reminds me of the deep woods and the beauty of the mountains. I added a hand sewn felt patch to the front. The book is also carefully hand sewn with linen waxed thread. Each of the six signatures has a beige piece of card stock as the first page. Sewing the book is my favorite part...this time was especially fun, I don't know why. :D


mary said...

I wonder if it was the card stock on each signature that made the sewing especially fun? Better feel to it?

It looks lovely! And the trip sounds like it was fun, too.

I like felt said...

I think you may be onto something with the card stock has a crisp/more solid feel to it. There is something very satisfying about handling it, that's for sure! I think I am becoming a paper junkie!