Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Undersea garden journal

Aquatic gardens in beautiful blues. Another journal for the Etsy shop. I used blue eyelets and black waxed thread. Dark blue card stock is the first page of all six signatures of paper. Really fun to look at and touch. I saw the movie Ponyo recently and really loved the undersea animation, I wish I could draw like they can! And I wish I lived closer to the ocean in general. I love the idea that this fabric is patterned after an undersea garden...so pretty!!


mary_benson said...

This journal is very, very pretty. I like the coordinating blue paper on the first page of each signature. I was looking at handbound books today that are on Princeton University's website (http://libweb5.princeton.edu/visual_materials/hb/cases/earlysewing/index.htm) and thought of you when I saw the coptic bindings.

mary_benson said...

Do you realize you are saying you wished you lived nearer to the ocean, wished you lived in Japan. . .there seems to be a pattern here in wishing yourself to live somewhere else. Just pointing out in case you were not aware of this theme. I believe that if you and your husband decide to relocate--the deciding is the hardest part, and then things get exciting and start to fall into place once the decision is made. :)