Thursday, February 25, 2010

The circle game (Joni Mitchell) journal

I've always loved that song by Joni Mitchell called The Circle Game. So when I saw this fabric completely dedicated to circles, I thought of the song and had to make a journal from it. I'm not sure if the song or the fabric inspired me. My life is so full of cycles... some good, some not so good, but nonetheless I am happy to have a visual homage to patterns. So, it's a few hours later...the peacock patch was an afterthought...I just wanted to add something to make it less boring. I don't know if I will change the name of the journal or not. The original idea still holds true, I will always start singing that song when I see it. The last photo in the set was taken before I added the patch(which is 100% hand stitched by me). I really loved making two favorite things (books and patches) together again!!


mary_benson said...

You know, I think the patch really makes it. And yes, our lives are full of cycles--I just hope I learn more each time around.

When I was in 4th grade(this was in 1968!), I had a music teacher, Mr. Held, who came around to the classrooms with his guitar. He taught us to sing The Circle Game. Whenever anyone said something hard to believe, he would say, "The day THAT happens is the day I hear Joni Mitchell on the radio!" And every time I have ever heard Joni Mitchell on the radio, especially The Circle Game, I think of him and imagine he must have rejoiced the first time he actually heard her on the radio.

I like felt said...

Cool story!!

I like felt said...

What! I just found out you bought this journal from my Etsy shop!! How cool are you!! Thanks Mary!!

mary_benson said...

I was thrilled to come home this afternoon and see your order already delivered--the book is gorgeous. Excellent craftsmanship. Thank you so much! (I was wondering why The Circle Game kept going through my head for the first half hour after I opened it up.)

My mother loves shoes. How about making a felt sculpture of a shoe or an old fashioned boot? I'll buy it!


I like felt said...

Thanks Mary! I would be happy to make a patch/felt picture of shoes or boots for your mom...maybe attached to a journal or notebook, but I am not as confident in making a sculpture. I don't have a lot of experience in 3-D, so I'd rather not go that route. Let me know if a patch would be something you are interested in. :)