Monday, November 30, 2009

Green turtle sketch book

So, it's finals week. Over the weekend, instead of studying, I learned how to do long stitch binding! (I'm such a slacker :P) Since it was a trial run, I just used stiffened felt for the cover. Most people use leather for this kind of binding, but being vegetarian, it seems wrong. I really liked this method for binding and want to do more of it, but I'll have to find a better solution than felt. I think canvas would work with some sort of backing. Anyway, I love how aesthetically pleasing the binding looks on the outside. Anyway, like I said, this was my first it actually looks a lot cooler than this when professionals do it. :)


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mary_benson said...

I have used iron-on vinyl as a backing for thin materials and wonder if two layers of felt with vinyl between (maybe too thick?) would work, or vinyl on 1 layer. But then again, a petroleum based vinyl may not be much better than an animal based product, really. Your turtle book came out really, really nice!